3D HIFU Treat Face And Body Skin

3D HIFU Treat Face And Body Skin
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3D HIFU treat face and body skin  

11lines 3D HIFU anti-aging medical and aesthetics equipment

HIFU is a breakthrough non-surgical treatment of beauty, focusing the heat at a single point through ultrasound to produce high energy on the dermis and the SMAS layer at a single energy point for subcutaneous action at temperatures up to 65 degrees Celsius - Between 75 degrees Celsius, it can penetrate the deep skin between 1.5MM and 16MM, which can stimulate collagen proliferation and recombination quickly and effectively. At the same time, because the energy is swept across the epidermis, there is no need to worry about epidermal injury, and the skin can be quickly raised. Pull, tighten contours, and quickly smooth out wrinkles.

HIFU advantages:

1.  3D HIFU is the only resident therapy that uses ultrasound to treat the skin. It uses sophisticated technology to simultaneously use ultrasound to inspect the underlying skin and precise treatment to ensure safety and optimal results.

2. The treatment depth is accurate, the heating temperature is high, and the energy directly hits the fascia layer.

3. Lifting and tightening can be seen when there is no recovery period, and it does not affect life work at all.

4. The treatment process is comfortable, the energy passes over the epidermis, no pain, and the effect is lasting.

5. The body is anti-aging, it can treat the face and neck, and can also treat the body (hip, abdomen, arms, shoulders, thighs).

6. 3D HIFU:one press: MIN 1 line - MAX 11lines and one step: MIN 1MM-10MM treatment width.the treatment lines be distributed under skin well,2D HIFU is very good result and good quality, It can treat both face and Body with cartridges1.5MM and 3MM and 4.5MM and 6MM and 8MM and 10MM and 13MM and 16MM.MENO is a original manufacturer to make 2D HIFU in China, and we have patent for 2D HIFU in China.MENOBeauty have been making 2D HIFU OEM And ODM services since 2015 March,so many company call MENO 2D HIFU as 3D HIFU or 5D HIFU or 8D HIFU.

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