448KHZ Unipolar Radio Frequency And Vacuum Slim Body Or Lifting Face

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original factory 448KHZ radio frequency and vacuum slim body or lifting face or tightening face skin device

 technology theory:448KHZ unipolar radio frequency and vacuum ;

 advantages:confortable,heating under skin fast,immediate effective result very good ;


Compared with the 448KHz RF technology of INDIBA in Spain, MENOBeauty's intelligent FM radio frequency technology has surpassed INDIBA's RF technology, and has produced a significant technological difference. If you want to know more, please communicate with our technicians. Specifically, it includes the following:

1. Perceive the type of treatment head to adjust the output waveform and energy to make the output more stable and reliable.

2. Real-time perception of the body circuit impedance, thereby adjusting the output, and experience more comfortable.

3. Dynamically adjust the depth of energy, the treatment is more comprehensive and the effect is better.

4. Intelligent adjustment of output frequency: The output frequency is intelligently adjusted and scanned between 448KHz~500KHz, so that different types of cells absorb energy and produce efficacy.

5. Add vacuum shaping technology, organically combine with radio frequency, and cooperate with professional operation methods to make the immediate effect and long-term effect better.

6. The RF output power is more sufficient, and the energy rises more rapidly.

A.Principle of NC Rhythm vacuum Technology

Traditional Chinese medicine cupping technology can only use a single adsorption method for medical treatment, while modern instruments use sophisticated electronic means to control mechanical equipment to complete the suction and discharge of a certain frequency of air pressure, which can be designed for different parts and effects that require treatment. Mode, this is the vacuum of CNC rhythm.

According to the personalized skin condition of the human body, the digital control rhythm mode is combined with a specially designed vacuum tip to perform kneading massage stimulation at different depths on the epidermal layer, blood vessel layer, fat layer and nervous system layer of the skin to effectively improve the human body. The fluid flow between cells increases cell movement, activates cells, promotes blood circulation and lymphatic circulation of microvessels, accelerates metabolism, and improves the skin's internal environment.

Due to the kneading effect generated by the vacuum pressure, it increases the tissue activity of the skin and muscles, thereby helping to reduce the rigidity of the cellular tissue, increase the elasticity of the skin tissue, fight against stubborn fat, and achieve the "scratch" fat effect. Effectively break down and break up stubborn cellulite, convert fat into fatty acids and glycerin, and excreted through the lymphatic system, so that slimming and shaping can be completed at the same time. In addition, vacuum pressure movement can also stimulate the surface and deep sympathetic nervous system, improve skin sensitivity.

The high-end designed CNC rhythm mode breaks through the previous single and simple vacuum working mode. Clinical use proves that using different rhythm modes for different parts can be more efficient and better. Slimming and body shaping can really do what you think. And it will never harm the human body.

B. Radio frequency

1.) RF lifting wrinkle tightening and lifting principle:

The radio frequency electrode is close to the skin, the radio frequency signal releases energy through the human body, and directly acts on the dermis layer through the skin epidermis,

Direct heat from the inside of the human body. When the heat energy of the dermal tissue rises by 3℃~12℃, it causes the dermal collagen fibers to contract instantly, stimulating the secretion of more new collagen. With the continuous regeneration and reorganization of the dermal collagen, the skin is strengthened The soft scaffold increases the thickness and density of the dermal layer of the skin. The skin immediately feels the effect of lifting and firming the skin, filling wrinkles and eliminating scars. The skin becomes white and tender, full, firm and elastic.

2.}RF lipolysis. Slimming principle

Radiofrequency lipolysis: The heat generated by high-speed rotating friction through bipolar water molecules heats the subcutaneous fat tissue when

When the heat energy of the dermal tissue reaches 40℃~60℃, it can enhance the body's oxygen flow, improve blood and lymph circulation, activate metabolism, eliminate and soften the cellular tissue, reduce the liquid and toxins in the fat fiber, and reduce the volume of the fat mass. Excreted through the lymph and detoxification system to achieve slimming and shaping effects.

3.} The mechanism of radio frequency:

The human body is a current conductor. When current passes through the human body, it can cause physiological effects on the skin. (Including thermal and non-thermal effects)

Thermal effect: due to the movement of particles in human tissue caused by the current of biological electric waves, a thermal effect is directly generated inside the tissue. 1. Accelerate blood circulation and increase oxygen supply, and the texture of the entire layer of the skin is improved;

2. The thermal effect produces thermal stimulation, which causes the contraction of the dermal collagen fibers, stimulates a large amount of collagen regeneration and reorganization, strengthens the regeneration ability of connective tissue, and immediately tightens and enhances the skin.

3. Directly fight cellulite, decompose fat cell contents (decomposed into free fatty acids and glycerol), dissolve fat, reduce fat volume, accelerate lymphatic circulation, and promote human metabolism;

Non-thermal effect: When the intensity of the thermal effect change is small enough to cause a rise in body temperature, high-frequency current can still cause particles in the tissue to vibrate, and it may also change the tissue change, that is, the electromagnetic shock effect. The non-thermal effect is microscopically The biochemical and biophysical processes of the organism can produce a series of effects, such as: accelerated growth of animals and plants, etc. The non-thermal effects are masked by the thermal effects and cannot show their effects. With the growth of time, collagen regenerates, wrinkles gradually disappear, and the skin tightens, making the skin appear younger.

C. Unipolar RF: 

a. The positive and negative poles do not work at the same interface b. The penetration depth is uncontrollable-deep treatment

C. The effective depth of treatment is 5~20mm 

d. The subcutaneous temperature can reach 60 degrees

The main advantages are: isolated treatment method, so higher power can be used, and it is safer when the functional head is normal, the electrode surface concentrates high energy, and the emitted energy can penetrate deeper. Due to the strong unipolar penetration, the greater the energy, the longer the effect is maintained.

The main disadvantage is that the functional head needs to be insulated from the human tissue. When the functional head is damaged, it may burn the human tissue.




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