BIO Microcurrent Machine with RF

BIO Microcurrent Machine with RF
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BIO microcurrent machine with RF

A.working principle
Microcurrent & bipolar RF & Red light & Blue light combined
1.Face:Anti-inflammatory,conglutinant,promote healing of bone fractures,Activate cells,promote blood circulation,increase metabolism, lifting muscle, tightening skin, replenishing moisture nutrient, removing wrinkle, repairing senile skin, improving collagen hyperplasia,remove chloasma&wrinkle&acne scar ,improve coarse pore;
2.Body:smoothing skin,lifting buttock, reducing wrinkle on hands and neck, breast lifting, reducing wrinkle on hands and neck, firming and lifting breast.
3.Hair:promote hair growth,relieve brain fatigue, enhance memory.

4. eye circles: eye circle black bag removal,relieve eye fatigue

C.Technical Specifications
1.technics:open pores firstly,and then import nutrient,and last close pore.
2.3 pcs handles:one for body,one for face,one hair;
3.material: AL with Oxide and sand blasting frame & TPE hose,highlight acrylic for the top board,capacitive touch screen. weight: 3.6kgs,
5.working voltage : AC110V-240V;
6.working frequency: 1MHz