Cheap feminine HIFU

Cheap feminine HIFU
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HIFU tighten vagina

vaginal HIFU

feminine HIFU

women HIFU

vaginal equipment

high intensity focused ultrasound

360°rotation automatically

Technique theory:high intensive focused ultrasound


  1.cartridge:4.5mm & 3.0mm depth;

  2.hand-muscle developer:measure tightening force;

  3.promoting collagen reborn;

4.tightening vagina;

5.Increasing vaginal elasticity;

  6. moisturizing vagina;

  7.improving incontinentia urinae;

  8.non-invasive,no pains,no bleeding,no recover time.

· Reliable Safety by No.1 HIFU technolgoy

· Better Rejuvenation Effect than Laser

·                                 Making Secret Change of your privates

·                                 Satisfactory results for all women! Recommend to young women in their 20s who are going to get married, women after childbirth, and women in their 40s and 50s who are suffering from aging.

·                                 ONLY 1-First HIFU for feminine internal beauty in China!

·                                 Reliable HIFU technology settles women’s secret   troubles Increasing elasticity of women’s privates.

·                                 We are applying patents now.

·                                 1DAY-Just one day, OK!

·                                 It is possible to return to daily life right after treatment, and you can get immediate satisfaction through one treatment!

·                                 SAFETY-Safe HIFU without surface damage

·                                 The HIFU technology of MENO has been proved by 1000 installed systems and it is quite different from laser technology because of no damage on surface and satisfactory rejuvenation effect.

We have patent for vaginal HIFU and 2D HIFU in China domestics,and please see the following patent cerficate:

vaginal HIFU parameters:

  1. frequency:4MHZ ;

  2. Power: MAX 100W ;

  3. voltage:100V-240V;

  4. output energy:MAX 60W;