Korea Feminne HIFU

Korea Feminne HIFU
Product Details

Korea tightening vagina HIFU

HIFU for vagina

360°rotation automatically 

Technique theory:high intensive focused ultrasound


  1.cartridges:4.5mm & 3.0mm depth;

  2.hand-muscle developer:measure  vagina tightening force;

  3.promoting collagen reborn;

4.tightening vagina;

5.Increasing vaginal elasticity;

  6. moisturizing vagina;

  7.improving incontinentia urinae;

  8. Relieve menopausal symptoms

  9.non-invasive,no pains,no bleeding,no recover time

  10. 5degree or 7degree or 10degree selected.


Treatment ways

Operation ways

Treatment result

Hold time



The levator ani   and tightening vagina sports

Treat end vagina   only

Must do sports   everyday


surgical   treatment

Cut   operation or suture operation

Good   result,without increase elasticity  

Keep one   year only

Not   safty,big pain

Medical   treatment

Insert pin   or medicine inside vagina

The instant   result good,but addicted to a drug

Must often   do treatment

Big   side-effect,vaginal membrane will be thin,and vagina force tightening will become   vestigial if often treat.

Injection   medicine

collagen   filler or growth factor needle

Holding time   is limited


Maybe Vagina   rejection or Induce other symptoms.

Vaginal HIFU   treat


Precise   treatment,15-25% instant result,3-6months 100% result


Safty,can   treatment cycle