HIFU For Vaginal Tightening

HIFU For Vaginal Tightening
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HIFU for vaginal tightening

vaginal HIFU

Technology theory:high intensive focused ultrasound


1. theory: vagina consist of  mucosa and muscular coat and adventitial coat, ultrasound be focused arriving at 3mm & 4.5mm muscular coat with non-invasive vaginal epidermis, and heating muscular coat ,and then muscular coat concreting ,and at the same time  muscular coat reborn collagen protein and let them regroup,and then muscular coat be tightening and vaginal wall be thickening.

2.360°rotation automatically,3-20degree selected,doublo vaginal HIFU 5degree or 7degree or 10degree selected.

3.cartridges:4.5mm & 3.0mm depth;

4.hand-muscle developer:measure  vagina tightening pressure force;

5.promoting collagen reborn;

6.tightening vagina;

7.increasing vaginal elasticity;

8.moisturizing vagina;

9.improving incontinentia urinae;

10. Relieve menopausal symptoms;

11.non-invasive,no pains,no bleeding,no recover time,

12.datas memory record,


  To repair and moisturize inside vagina with some medicine(we use repair gel & hygrotoxin pill)in 7days later after treatment because muscular coat be wounded.



1.Women in Menstrual& pregnancy period

2.After pregnancy within 6 months

3.Serious inflammation,infection

4.Two Cervical erosion

5.Big serious diseases