3 in 1 Facial Machine (microdermabrasion +vacuum+mechanical massage)

Basic Info.

Model NO.:derma tenderType:Derma Rolling System
Function 1:MicrodemabrasionFunction 2:vacuum
Function 3:  massage Function4:Skin Care
CE:ApprovedWarranty:One Year
Delivery Time:7 DaysTrademark:MENOBeauty 
Specification:CE RoHsOrigin:Guangzhou, China

Product Description

        3 in 1 facial machine (microdermabrasion + vacuum + mechanical massage)
derma tender
I.Diamond Micro- dermabrasionIt exfoliates your skin by utilizing a multi-degree diamond tipped wand through continuous scrubbing and vacuuming the topmost layer of skin, it makes old and damaged skin break away automatically, in the mean time it can stimulate the growing of skin and the blood circulation, accelerate skin organize development, promote the growth of collagen. Combining proper skin care procedure, it can make skin become soft and fresh make you more beautiful and pleasant. II.mechanical massage skin after skin horniness careCalm sensitive skinImprove absorbency of skinMake skin better,remedy lackluster symptom III.Professional vacuum  Introduction: vacuum allows fast and visible result with deep penetrations. It is easy to use and contains lots of different functions in order to suit any skin types or problems. It stimulates skin without pain and the risk of high voltage burn.vacuum deep suck sterilizing vacuum allows fast and visible result with deep cleaning. It scrubs any impurities away from pores and not to be dry out skin. Ultrasonic can push the PH balance towards base in order to increase power of sterilization. It helps eliminate the growth of bacteria and infections. It stimulates skin without pain and the risk of high voltage burn. vacuum whitening1.Re-pigmentation & whitening: Ultrasonic can penetrate serums into skin deeply in order to let skin have a better absorption to enhance and accelerate the result.2.Reduces redness: use the pulsation frequency in ultrasonic can improve and accelerate metabolisms of the capillaries in order to reduce redness. vacuum eliminate wrinkle1.Reduces appearance of scars: vacuum can produce real fast pulsation frequency; such vibration can help accelerate the disappearance of scars.2.Moisturizes   hydrates: vacuum deeply penetrates serums into skin in order to let skin have a betterabsorption to improve hydration of skin.3.Accelerates and enhances capacity of skin absorption. Eliminate wrinkle get smooth