Beauty equipment operation skill

Beauty equipment operation skill
A facial wrinkle, lifting, firming facial beauty equipment-how to
Action down when the muscles of the face texture upgrade up to do it. Down to fuck when slid over the slide. So to repeat, full face action for 40 minutes.
Second, go to the bags under the eyes, Crow's feet, dark circles
Operation must be careful to avoid attention, according to the direction of orbicularis oculi muscle, light up from the inside out, hands down, gently slide, two eyes about 30-40 minutes.
Third, the upgrading of the eyes, lines, frown lines
Lifting up hands, energy regulation than do face slightly lower 1-2 level, 10-20 minutes.
Four, facial contouring, Naso-labial
Operation according to face about, vary in size and symmetry of the face contour, nasolabial shades for facial contouring. Method is also a muscle to the principle, from bottom to top, from the inside out, stayed on, full face for 40 minutes.
Five, limb-plastic instrument operation ways to lose weight
According to increase the figure to form sculptures, hand operation is sliding up and down, side to side, stacked rings and 40 minutes respectively.
Six, waist, abdomen, back shaping
Slide up and down, side to side, stacked rings, from the outside, carving, sculpting. Time 20-30 minutes, respectively.