MENO factory radio frequency beauty care skin

MENO factory radio frequency beauty care skin

RF structure classification:

The current classification of radio frequency in the aesthetics, mainly unipolar and bipolar, the main difference is the way energy is transmitted, but the two ways of energy and tissue are the same, under controlled conditions The next two methods can increase the tissue temperature.

Monopolar RF: a. The positive and negative poles do not act at the same interface b. The penetration depth is uncontrollable - deep treatment

          c. The effective depth of treatment is 5-20 mm d. The subcutaneous temperature can reach 60 degrees.

The main advantage is that it is an isolated treatment, so you can use higher power, and it is safer when the function head is normal. The surface of the electrode is concentrated with high energy, and the emitted energy can penetrate deeper. Due to the strong penetrating power of the unipolar, the greater the energy, the longer the effect is maintained.

The main disadvantage is that the functional head and the human tissue need to be insulated, and when the functional head is broken, the use may burn the human tissue.

Bipolar RF: a. Positive and negative poles act at the same interface b. If multiple pairs of electrodes act simultaneously, it is more uniform

              c. The effective depth of treatment is 5~15mm d. The subcutaneous temperature can reach 55 degrees or more.

The main advantage is that the current distribution is easy to control. Continuously and completely penetrates the skin tissue, encounters skin resistance to generate heat, and acts on the deep layer of the dermis, and the epidermis is not affected. It has a high safety while ensuring the therapeutic effect.

The main disadvantage is that the functional head and the human body need to be in a good conductor state, and the treatment can have practical effects. The inferior bipolar radio frequency technology can easily spur the human tissue during the operation.

the effective result about radio frequency:

  The human body is a current conductor that causes physiological effects on the skin when it passes through the body. (including thermal and non-thermal effects)

Thermal effect: due to the movement of particles in human tissue caused by bio-wave current, the thermal effect is directly generated inside the tissue, 1. Accelerate blood circulation, increase oxygen supply, and improve the texture of the whole layer of skin;

2, the thermal effect produces thermal stimulation, causing the dermal collagen fiber to contract, stimulate the collagen to regenerate, reorganize, strengthen the connective tissue regeneration ability, instantly tighten the skin

3, directly against the cellulite, decomposition of fat cell contents (decomposed into free fatty acids and glycerol), dissolve fat, reduce fat volume, accelerate lymphatic circulation, and promote human metabolism;

Non-thermal effect: When the intensity of the thermal effect change is small enough to cause an increase in body temperature, the high-frequency current can still cause the particles in the tissue to vibrate, and it is also possible to change the tissue change, that is, the electromagnetic oscillation effect, and the non-thermal effect is microscopically The biochemical and biophysical processes of the organism can produce a series of effects, such as the acceleration of growth and development of animals and plants, and the non-thermal effects are masked by thermal effects and cannot show their effects. As time goes on, collagen is reborn, wrinkles gradually disappear, and the skin tightens, making the skin appear younger.

RF wrinkle tightening lifting principle:

The RF electrode is in close contact with the skin, and the RF signal is released through the human body and directly acts on the dermis through the epidermis of the skin.

Direct heating from the inside of the human body, when the thermal energy of the dermal tissue rises by 3 ° C ~ 12 ° C, causing the dermal collagen fibers to produce immediate contraction, stimulate the secretion of more new collagen, with the gradual regeneration and reorganization of the dermal collagen, strong skin The soft support increases the thickness and density of the dermis layer of the skin. The skin immediately feels the upward pulling and firming effect of the skin, filling the wrinkles and eliminating the scars, and the skin becomes white, smooth, full and firm and elastic.

RF melting fat. Slimming shaping principle

Radio Frequency Lipolysis: The heat generated by high-speed rotary friction generated by bipolar water molecules, which heats the subcutaneous fat tissue.

When the thermal energy of the dermis reaches 40 °C ~ 60 °C, it can enhance the body's oxygen flow, enhance blood and lymph circulation, activate metabolism, eliminate and soften cellular tissues, reduce liquids and toxins in fat fibers, and reduce the volume of cellulite. Excreted through the lymphatic and detoxification system to achieve the effect of slimming and shaping.