MENO factory vacuum slimming body

Numerical control rhythm vacuum slimming body

Principle of Numerical Control Rhythm vacuum Technology

Traditional Chinese medicine cupping technology can only use a single adsorption method for medical treatment, while modern instruments use sophisticated electronic means to control the mechanical equipment to complete the suction and discharge of a certain frequency of air pressure, which can be designed differently for different parts and effects that need treatment. The mode, this is the numerical rhythm negative pressure.

Using the digital rhythm mode combined with the specially designed negative air pressure tip, according to the individualized skin condition of the human body, different depth kneading massage stimulation is applied to the epidermis layer, the blood vessel layer, the fat layer and the nervous system layer of the skin, thereby effectively improving the human body. The flow of humor between cells increases cell movement, activates cells, promotes blood circulation and lymphatic circulation of microvessels, accelerates metabolism, and improves the environment of the skin.

The kneading effect caused by the vacuum pressure increases the tissue activity of the skin and muscles, thereby helping to reduce the hard cell structure, increasing the elasticity of the skin tissue, resisting stubborn fat, and achieving a "squeezing" fat effect. Effectively break down and break up stubborn cellulite, convert fat into fatty acids, glycerin, and excrete through the lymphatic system, so that slimming and shaping can be completed at the same time. In addition, vacuum pressure movement can also stimulate the surface and deep sympathetic nervous system to improve skin sensitivity.

vacuum physical effect:

(1) Epidermis: Improves the fluid state of the intercellular space, enhances fluidity, increases cell movement, and activates cells.

(2) vascular layer: improve the skin's blood circulation system, not only improve the capillary system, but also improve deep veins and lymph

The flow between the networks removes excess toxins from the body.

(3) Tissue layer: increase skin and muscle tissue activity, soften and break down fat, improve skin oxygen supply capacity, stimulate collagen production, increase skin elasticity and resist tissue fibrosis.

(4) Nervous system layer: Negative pressure movement can stimulate the epidermis and deep sympathetic nervous system and improve skin sensitivity. Stimulates the surface and deep layers of the sympathetic nervous system.