MENO skin care machine with far infrared technology

MENO skin care machine with far infrared technology

Far infrared is an abbreviation for remote infrared. The sun's rays can be roughly divided into visible light and invisible light. The visible light passes through the prism and reflects the light (spectrum) of purple, blue, cyan, green, yellow, orange, and red colors. The light outside the red light, called infrared light, is invisible to the naked eye and belongs to an electromagnetic wave with strong heat. Infrared has a wide wavelength range, and infrared rays of different wavelength ranges are divided into near-infrared, mid-infrared and far-infrared regions, and electromagnetic waves corresponding to wavelengths are called near-infrared, mid-infrared and far-infrared.In 1800, German scientist Herschel discovered that the infrared rays in the sunlight were surrounded by a far-infrared light source that could not be seen by the naked eye. It was later proved to be a "far infrared ray" with a wavelength between 5.6 and 1000 UM. It will produce radiation, penetration, absorption and resonance effects on the organism. The NASA research report pointed out that these far-infrared rays, which help the human body 4-14 microns, can penetrate into the human skin to a depth of 15CM, which generates heat from the inside and promotes the expansion of microvessels from the body to make the blood circulation smooth. Achieve the purpose of metabolism, thereby increasing the body's immunity and cure rate.

Physical infrared area division:

Near Infrared: (Near Infra-red, NIR), 760~2,000nm

Mid-infrared: (Middle Infra-red, MIR), 3,000-5,000 nm

Far Infrared: (Far Infra-red, FIR), 8,000 ~ 14,000nm

Far infrared features

 invisible to the naked eye

 Optical properties such as direct, tortuous, and reflective

 Any substance absorption will cause a thermal reaction

 Deep penetration of human tissue

The main function of far infrared

1. Gene: It can be corrected to keep it healthy. For example, wild animals usually recover from the sun when they are sick. If a person lives in a dark cave for a month, their bodies will be deformed and sick.

2, cells: far infrared and human body frequency is part of the same frequency, the same frequency will produce resonance, a resonance is like a sieve

The cells are arranged in an orderly manner, and the vibrating vibration causes the water molecules in the cells to become small molecules to discharge the cytotoxins.

Intracellular patency, the cells absorb nutrients and the cells are healthy.

3, blood vessels: thermal expansion and contraction of blood vessels, blood circulation to accelerate the smooth flow of blood vessels and microcirculation. {Resonance generates heat, thermal expansion and contraction, vasodilation, blood circulation accelerates blood vessel circulation, microcirculation is smooth, microcirculation is the second heart of human beings, is the source of all diseases, Chinese medicine speaks pain is not feasible, general does not hurt, one pass, Many microcirculatory diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes are naturally good. }

4. Nerves: The human nerve divides the central and autonomic nerves. The central nervous system dominates our body language. The autonomic nerves innervate our organs and endocrine. Due to the constant stimulation of vibration, the nerves can effectively control our body language and endocrine.

5, fiber: far infrared is called life light in medicine, the main effect is heat, play analgesic, activate cell tissue, promote human blood microcirculation, enhance metabolism, strengthen immunity, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects .

Therapeutic effect of far infrared rays

The dipoles and free charges in the living body tend to be aligned in the direction of the electromagnetic field under the action of the electromagnetic field. In this process, the molecules and atoms move irregularly and heat is generated. When the far-infrared radiation has sufficient strength, that is, it exceeds the heat-dissipating ability of the living body, the local temperature of the irradiated body is raised, which is the infrared thermal effect.

Due to the thermal effects of far infrared, sputum causes a series of physiological effects.

Activate biomolecule activity

The molecular energy level of the organism is excited and is at a higher vibrational level, which activates the activity of biological macromolecules such as nucleic acid proteins, thereby exerting the function of biological macromolecules to regulate the metabolism, immunity and other activities of the body, which is beneficial to the recovery of human functions and Balance, to achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment.

Promote and improve blood circulation

After far-infrared action on the skin, most of the energy is absorbed by the skin, and the absorbed energy is converted into heat energy, causing the skin temperature to rise, stimulating the skin's internal thermal receptors, relaxing the vascular smooth muscle through the thalamic reflex, expanding the blood vessels, and strengthening the blood circulation. On the other hand, due to the action of heat, the release of vasoactive substances is caused, the vascular tension is lowered, the superficial small arteries, the supercapillary vessels and the superficial veins are dilated, blood circulation is accelerated, and blood circulation is improved.

Enhance metabolism

If the body's metabolism is disordered, causing the exchange of substances in and out of the body, then various diseases will come. Disorders such as water and electrolyte metabolism are severely life-threatening; diabetes caused by disorders of glucose metabolism; cardiovascular disorders caused by cardiovascular disorders, obesity; gout caused by protein metabolism disorders. Through the thermal effect of far infrared, it can increase the vitality of cells, regulate the mechanism of neurohumoral fluid, strengthen metabolism, and make the material exchange in the body stable.

Improve immune function

Immunization is a physiological protective response of the human body. It includes both cellular immunity and humoral immunity, and plays an extremely important role in the body's resistance to disease. Through clinical observation, far-infrared can improve the phagocytic function of macrophages, regulate human cellular immunity and humoral immunity, and is beneficial to human health.

Anti-inflammatory effect

The mechanism is as follows: a) The far-infrared heat action eliminates the pathological process of inflammation through the response of the neurohumoral solution, accelerates the physiological state of the original destruction and restores normality, improves the local and systemic disease resistance, and activates at the same time. The function of immune cells strengthens the phagocytic function of leukocytes and reticular cells, and achieves the purpose of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. b) Infrared thermal effect increases skin temperature, sympathetic nerve sensation, vasodilator release, vasodilation, accelerated blood flow, improved blood circulation, enhanced tissue nutrition, active tissue metabolism, increased cell oxygen supply, improved The blood supply and oxygen supply status of the lesion area strengthens the cell regeneration ability, controls the development of inflammation and localizes it, and accelerates the repair of the lesion. c) The far-infrared thermal effect improves microcirculation, establishes collateral circulation, enhances cell membrane stability, regulates ion concentration, improves osmotic pressure, accelerates the excretion of toxic substances, and accelerates the absorption of exudates , leading to the regression of inflammation and edema.


The thermal effect of infrared reduces the excitability of nerve endings; the improvement of blood circulation, the edema subsides, the chemical and mechanical stimulation of nerve endings is alleviated; the thermal effect of far infrared rays raises the pain threshold, all of which alleviate pain The role. In addition to the thermal effects described above, there are many other important biological effects, such as the relationship between far infrared rays and life, infrared rays to improve microcirculation, activated water molecules, and activated tissue cells.

Far infrared technology principle:

After far-infrared technology is applied to the skin, most of the energy is absorbed by the skin, and the absorbed energy is converted into heat energy, causing the skin temperature to rise, burning fat, and eliminating excess water. Increase cell viability, strengthen metabolism, relax blood vessels, promote and improve blood circulation, and make material exchange in the body stable. At the same time, it improves the phagocytic function of macrophages and regulates cellular immunity and humoral immunity.


    LED beauty instrument red light power using 625nm high-efficiency light-emitting wavelength, can improve the skin's blood system and lymphatic system microcirculation, stimulate intracellular mitochondrial activity, LED red light specific wavelength can convert light energy into cell energy, neutralize cells The free gene produced stimulates fiber cells to produce collagen, activates the skin to accelerate blood circulation, and removes wrinkles and emollients from the inside of the skin.

1. Promote the skin to produce collagen with a cosmetic effect, which makes the skin more translucent and white, thus reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

2, tighten the pores, improve the overall skin tone, make the skin smooth and elastic.

3, lighten freckles, red blood, accelerate the improvement of the problem skin and repair after sunburn.

4, promote facial blood circulation, lock the skin moisture.

5, to provide skin cell activation energy, accelerate the skin's metabolism speed, and promote the skin to absorb nutrients faster, so that the skin often remains as baby-like.

6, slow down acne redness, firming the skin, especially effective.