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What is a strong ultrsound ?

To mention a strong ultrasound wave, you need to explain the concept of ultrasound first. The audible vibrational frequency of human beings is about 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz per second. The mode of action is similar to that caused by the stone thrown into the pool, and spread throughout the surrounding air. A frequency below 20 Hz is called an infrasound wave, and a frequency above 20,000 Hz is called an "ultrasonic wave". Ultrasound passes through a special medical modulation method, which is a strong sound wave. Scientists refer to the number of vibrations per second as the frequency of the sound, and its unit is Hertz (Hz). The frequency of sound waves that we can hear in human ears is 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. When the vibration frequency of the sound wave is greater than 20KHz or less than 20Hz, we will not hear it.

Ultrasound has many applications in cosmetology. Most of them use ultrasonic waves of a few hundred K to a few meters for cleaning and product introduction, and use strong sound waves with a frequency of about 40K (also called low frequency). Sonic) is a major innovation in medicine and cosmetology.

Under the same amplitude, the energy of an object's vibration is proportional to the vibration frequency. When the ultrasonic wave propagates in the medium, the frequency of the medium particle vibration is very high, so the energy is very large. In the dry winter in northern China, if the ultrasonic wave is passed into the water In the tank, the violent vibration will break the water in the tank into many small droplets, and then use a small fan to blow the mist into the room, which can increase the indoor air humidity. This is the principle of the ultrasonic humidifier. Such as pharyngitis, trachea Inflammation and other diseases, it is difficult to use blood flow to get the drug to reach the affected part. Using the principle of the humidifier, atomizing the drug solution and letting the patient inhale can improve the therapeutic effect. The huge energy of the ultrasonic wave can also make the stone in the human body. Severely forced to vibrate and break, thus slowing down the pain and achieving the purpose of healing. Ultrasound is widely used in medicine, such as the current color ultrasound, B-ultrasound, gravel (such as gallstones, kidney stones, eye bags, etc.), can also destroy the bacterial structure, sterilize the articles

When a strong acoustic wave propagates in a living body, the interaction between the tissues leads to changes in the function and structure of the living body, which is called the biological effect of the strong acoustic wave. The mechanism that produces the biological effect is the thermal effect and the cavitation effect.

The so-called thermal effect means that part of the energy is absorbed by the biological tissue into thermal energy and the tissue temperature is increased during the process of strong acoustic wave propagation. The cavitation effect refers to the interaction of the gas nucleus or microbubbles in the tissue during the propagation of the strong acoustic wave, so that Sudden blasting produces huge momentary pressure, which changes the internal structure of the tissue. Strong sound waves have strong penetrating power for solids and liquids. When the energy is large, the particles can be vibrated at high frequency, and some energy can be converted into heat. To increase the local temperature. High-intensity pulsed sound waves propagating in liquids containing micron-sized small bubbles can cause bubbles to contract, swell, and violently explode. This phenomenon is called "cavitation."

Strong ultrasound waves have three major effects on stubborn fat:

1. Mechanical vibration

In the deep tissue, it causes 36,000 to 45,000 times per minute of fine vibration, which is stimulated by continuous and pulsed ultrasonic energy, changing the number of cells, cell permeability and tissue film changes, thereby increasing the permeability of the cell membrane. Accelerate the speed of fluid flow in the body and increase the metabolism of the cells. At the same time, the shock can break up the huge fat cells and become soft.

2, deep warming effect

Due to the vibration of strong sound waves, the fat temperature is increased, and it is automatically decomposed. Finally, the combustion becomes heat and excreted. At the same time, the strong sound waves can penetrate into the skin by about 6 cm, and the fat mass can be melted and emulsified by vibration. On the other hand, the thermal energy effect can promote blood and The lymph fluid circulates smoothly and activates and regenerates cells in deep tissues.

3. Biological effects

The biological effect of strong sound waves is actually a physiological response of the human body to mechanical and diathermy. When mechanically strong sonic energy penetrates tissue in the body, the tissue absorbs energy and produces biological effects, such as fat cells, small, and fat decomposition.

Strong ultrasound wave fat slimming slimming principl:

The strong acoustic wave slimming technology transmits the strong acoustic energy of the human body without damage frequency and power to different parts of the adipose tissue through the contact coupling method, and utilizes the hole principle of strong acoustic waves to generate cavitation for the bad ill fat tissue. The energy causes the fat cells to rupture. The ruptured fat cells are eliminated from the body through the circulation of the body fluid, and the number of fat cells is reduced to achieve the purpose of slimming and slimming.


When the strong sound wave enters the human body, the human fat cells can produce a strong impact and frictional movement between the fat cells. The tens of thousands of vibrations per second can reach the subcutaneous deep tissue 1-6cm, which can stimulate the deep fat cells. The deep subcutaneous heat is warm, and the deep capillaries and lymphoid tissues can flow smoothly until the deep fat layer breaks down the fat and directly reduces the amount of fat. The advantage of strong sound waves is that they selectively destroy tissue. By setting a specific frequency, strong sound waves only destroy low-density adipose tissue, which makes it possible to protect high-density tissues such as vascular nerves (Figure 2). Strong sound waves, like other sound waves, have expansion and compression cycles. The application principle of strong sonic liposuction mainly produces a series of physical effects by expansion and compression. This process is caused by the expansion and compression of the wave, which causes the liquid to form an implosion effect, so that a large number of micro-cavities are formed in the liquid. For gas or steam, the implosion of microvoids inside and outside the cell will cause the movement of the molecule to increase, eventually leading to cell rupture (Figure 2). The triglyceride in the fat cells is released from the fat cells, and these triglycerides are cleaved into free fatty acids (FFA) and glycerol by the action of lipase (LPI). Free fatty acids (fat-soluble) penetrate into the blood and bind to serum proteins and are slowly transported to the liver: glycerol (water-soluble) is delivered to the liver by dissolving into interstitial fluids (blood and body fluids). Finally, the liver is intestine circulation or the kidney is excluded from the body, thereby achieving the effect of local slimming.