vaginal HIFU,cunt HIFU,women private HIFU,feminine HIFU

vaginal HIFU,cunt HIFU,women private HIFU,feminine HIFU

A. theory:vagina consist of  mucosa and muscular coat and adventitial coat, ultrasound be focused arrive at 3mm & 4.5mm muscular coat with non-invasive vaginal epidermis and heating muscular coat ,and then muscular coat concreting ,and at same time  muscular coat reborn collagen protein and let them regroup,and then muscular coat tighten and vaginal wall be thickening.


1.machine installation

A.connect power cable,

B.connect the cables with the device ,

C.Introduce buttons on display:

Round -360ºrotation 360 fixed number(360 degree circle );

Angle -the 360 is divided into many equal parts,which it is the distance between two treatment line;

Length -treatment length 25mm fixed number;

Pitch -the points distance in a line;

Power -the energy;

DL4-4.5-4.5mm depth cartridge ;

???????-cartridge and handle connect well if there are two green color symbols on the right corner of display ;

Use line-the shots you have used ;

Total line-the total shots(lines) of cartridge ;

Patient force - vaginal tightening pressure measurement (vaginal loose number no more than 20 means the most loose,number 20-30 means middle loose, number over 30 means low loose) ;

Clr button-to be zero firstly,and then measurement ;

Save button-save the data;

Step1,2,3,4,5 button-automatic save mode;

Start button,Stop button.


The beautician should wear surgical cap,surgical chothing, surgical mask,surgical gloves;


Necessary for treatment


1.surgical cotton stick 2. Condom 3,saline 3,Lubricant 3.clean external vaginal products 4,alcohol 5,conductive gel 6.cartridge 4.5mm,3.0mm

Use alcohol to clean the cartridge,and use saline to clean the black emitter area

Use alcohol to clean the test handle and the handle for treatment

Clean the external vaginal with the cleaned products from inside to outside from up to down.

Start treatment

1.use the test handle to test the vaginal loose,first cover the condom on the test handle with some lubricant,then as put the test handle on the vaginal,click the clear button and put the handle into the vaginal,stay one-two second you see the number is the loose number of patient,and put out the handle,put away the condom used,start next step

2.First use 4.5mm cartridge,insert the cartridge to handle,and if you see the two green light means connect well,others no.Apply some conductive gel on the emitter area then cover the condom on the cartridge, pls attention make sue the gel still on the emitter area after cover the condom.

First step:Patient legs open and lift up,then put the handle into the vagina,when patients vaginal orifice on 75mm mark of the handle,ask patient whether his/her abdomen feel swelling,if yes,the handle may touch uterus,put the handle a little bit out to 70mm or less until patient do not feel swelling.When everything is ok, click the black button under the handle,one shot and then it will automatic rotation.Attention everytime when the handle turn to which side,beautician should put the handle gently connect that side,and every shot beautician should fix the handle,make sure the vaginal orifice fix on the same site and ask the patient how she/he feel,make sure patients acceptance.when one round treatment finished,the handle will automatically rotate back,then should click the Clear button on the screen and go to next step.

Second step: make sure the vaginal orifice on about 50mm on handle,the same operation as first step

Last step: make sure the vaginal orifice on about 25mm on handle,the same operation as above step.

After three steps,change cartridge 3.0mm,the same three steps as Cartridge 4.5mm.


When six steps finished,we use test handle to test the vaginal tighten pressure changes,the number you see is the changes after treatment.


After test,clean the external vaginal,then put some vaginal care products into vaginal,then finish the whole treatment.



Women in Menstrual& pregnancy period

After pregnancy within 6 months

Serious inflammation,infection

Two Cervical erosion

Big serious diseases

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