Manufacturer Disposable Face Mask

Manufacturer Disposable Face Mask
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factory disposable face mask with non-surgical



The difference between civilian masks and medical masks: the same material, medical masks have more sterilization steps. Because the doctor's operating room needs to wear sterile surgical uniforms and masks, civilian masks are the same as medical masks. Medical masks are sterilized with chemicals and need to be left to degrade for 7-14 days before they can be used, otherwise it will be harmful to the body. Now manufacturers give priority to the production of civil protective masks. The middle layer of civil protective masks is also melt-blown cloth. This is the core material for masks to prevent the spread of droplets. At this stage, it is mainly to prevent the spread of coronavirus droplets, so civilian three-layer protective masks can also play a protective role. Our masks comply with GB / T 32610 standard.

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