MENO 3D HIFU Slimming Body Bottucks

MENO 3D HIFU Slimming Body Bottucks
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 MENO 3D HIFU slimming body bottucks  

HIFU is a breakthrough non-surgical treatment of beauty, focusing the heat at a single point through ultrasound to produce high energy on the dermis and the SMAS layer at a single energy point for subcutaneous action at temperatures up to 65 degrees Celsius - Between 75 degrees Celsius, it can penetrate the deep skin between 1.5MM and 16MM, which can stimulate collagen proliferation and recombination quickly and effectively. At the same time, because the energy is swept across the epidermis, there is no need to worry about epidermal injury, and the skin can be quickly raised. Pull, tighten contours, and quickly smooth out wrinkles.

3D HIFU advantages

 one shot MAX 11lines--MIN1line,and one step MAX10MM-MIN1MM,the treatment lines be distributed under skin well by computer,and uses the advantage of non-invasive focusing penetration of high-intensity focused ultrasound, and uses ultrasound focusing technology to non-invasively act on designated sites under the skin so that subcutaneous tissue generates heat while vibrating at high frequencies, allowing skin tissue cells to re-grow.  

Use taboos

    Pregnant or menstrual women.  Metals are forbidden to do in the body.  Patients with major diseases and skin diseases and infectious diseases are banned. One month after the facial injection,2D HIFU treatment can be performed. Three-months after the line sculpture can be operated by 2D HIFU.  

 Common problems summary  

   1、How long can the therapeutic effect of 2D HIFU be maintained?    answer:the skin's aging process will not stop, so you still need the next day.     Repeat for additional treatment. Some people choose to have treatment once a year, while   others choose to go longer.     The next treatment. Under normal circumstances, a course of treatment can be maintained for 18 to 24 months.    

2、What effect can I see after treatment?    answer:the regenerative ability of the skin will be restored immediately, the skin becomes brighter and whiter, the pores shrink, and the facial contours are clear     Clear, false wrinkles disappeared and true wrinkles faded.   

3、How is the feeling of 2D HIFU treatment?    answer:No need for injection anesthesia. When ultrasound penetrates into the subcutaneous tissue, you feel a warm and slight.the feeling of needle sticking, which is the transmission of energy, also proves that the collagen remodeling mechanism has already started!  


vertical 2D hifu2

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