2 In 1 Multi-functional Machine 3D HIFU And Vaginal HIFU

2 In 1 Multi-functional Machine 3D HIFU And Vaginal HIFU
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    original manufacturer 2 in 1 machine  2D HIFU and vaginal HIFU

    original factory 2 in 1 equipment 3D HIFU and feminine



Using the patented technology of HIFU and MMFU, it generates high-energy focused ultrasound, which quickly penetrates the epidermis, fat layer, and stimulates the contraction of the fascia of the SMAS layer. The temperature of the skin tissue reaches 65-75 degrees Celsius, so that the skin has a thermal coagulation effect. Layers and fascia layers form a net-like condensation point, which stimulates fiber and collagen tissue to shrink and tighten, regenerate and repair, and achieve layer-by-layer lifting and firming.

Maximum efficiency to achieve facial lift & body contour reshaping & care women's vagina


treating face and body



1. one step:MIN 1mm - MAX 10mm ;        

2.one press: MIN 1line – MAX 11lines ;       

3. the treatment lines be more distributed under skin,so the effective results will be much better than normal HIFU ;

4.cartridges:1.5mm, 3.0mm , 4.5mm , 6.0mm , 8.0mm , 10.0mm , 13.0mm , 16.0mm focused depth ;    

5. total amount shots of one handpiece:10000lines and 500 lines(spare);

6. non-invasive treatment with exact depth energy , no side effect;

7.portable ;

8. quick & short treatment time: 30 MINS one face treatment ;

9. none downtime, no recovery period;

II. Technical informations:

    1. working voltage : 100v-240V;

    2.working frequency: 4MHz;

    3.MAX power: 40W ;

    4.fuse: 6A ;

   5.net weight: 15kgs,8kgs,29kgs;                  

    6. material: ABS or aluminum or metal with automobile finish;

 7. working temperature conditions: 0 -  55 ;

   8. input power:MAX 150VA;

 9. output power:less than 20W;

 10. temperature:55℃-70℃ ;


   IIIApplications : 

    1.lifting & tightening skin ;    

    2.slimming & shaping face and body and thighs and arms  and lifting buttocks;          

    3.deep wrinkles removal ;          

    4.whitening skin color,skin rejuvenation ;           

    5.smoothing skin ;

    6.treatment result :instant result 35%, 50% result after one month, 100% result in 3-6months ,the good result will last 18-36months ;

    7.Suitable for people over 30, the skin just started to enter the aging ;

   8.Suitable for people over 40, the skin issues has appeared sagging and loose, we recommend use different technologies of treatment to ensure effective retard aging and significantly improve the skin problem.

vaginal HIFU

  Technology theory:high intensive focused ultrasound


1. theory: vagina consist of  mucosa and muscular coat and adventitial coat, ultrasound be focused arriving at 3mm & 4.5mm muscular coat with non-invasive vaginal epidermis, and heating muscular coat ,and then muscular coat concreting ,and at the same time  muscular coat reborn collagen protein and let them regroup,and then muscular coat be tightening and vaginal wall be thickening.

2.360°rotation automatically,3-20degree selected.

3.cartridges:4.5mm & 3.0mm depth;

4.hand-muscle developer:measure  vagina tightening

pressure force;

5.promoting collagen reborn;

6.tightening vagina;

7.increasing vaginal elasticity;

8.moisturizing vagina;

9.improving incontinentia urinae;

10. Relieve menopausal symptoms;

11.non-invasive,no pains,no bleeding,no recover time.

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