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microremage M5

A.working principle
Fractionqal and Bipolar Radio Frequency technology combined;
1.a.skin whitening,
2.remove wrinkles,
3.skin lifting & tightening ,
4. brightening,improve skin color
C. Features
1. intelligent tips: you will open the switch of the tips,the tips won't fall easily ,
2. there are four parts on the tips, intelligent tips can recognize the energy on the skin automatically,it means if one part or two parts or three parts of tip touch the skin only,it won't concentrate the energy in one part to burn skin;
3. the conduction is good because there are two pins in one line;
d. two modes: one is pulse,other one is CTN(control treatment time on skin by operator).
4. treatment course: 40-45minutes one time,please don't operate this machine on skin that are wound and pimple and spot .please see attached instruction for treatment course.
D. Technical Specifications
1. working voltage : AC110-240V;
2.working frequency: 50HZ/60HZ;
3.MAX powder:120VA ;
4.fuse:3A ;
5.apply medical ultrasonic gel before operating machine on the skin ;
6.material: AL with Oxide and sand blasting frame & TPE hose,highlight acrylic for the top board,capacitive touch screen,the pin with 24k golden,omron switch.
7. working temprature: -10℃ - 55℃ .
8.net weight:2.7kgs