Multi-functions Electric Heating Beauty Slimming Equipment

Multi-functions Electric Heating Beauty Slimming Equipment
Product Details

multi-functions  Electric heating beauty slimming equipment

448KHZ monopolar radio frequency and rhythmic vacuuml.


We can make this functions machine with two handle,and each handle with four different size treatment tips to treat different  face or body size area.

Compared with the 448KHz RF technology of INDIBA in Spain, MENOBeauty's intelligent FM radio frequency technology has surpassed INDIBA's RF technology, and has produced a significant technological difference. If you want to know more, please communicate with our technicians. Specifically, it includes the following:

1. Perceive the type of treatment head to adjust the output waveform and energy to make the output more stable and reliable.

2. Real-time perception of the body circuit impedance, thereby adjusting the output, and experience more comfortable.

3. Dynamically adjust the depth of energy, the treatment is more comprehensive and the effect is better.

4. Intelligent adjustment of output frequency: The output frequency is intelligently adjusted and scanned between 448KHz~500KHz, so that different types of cells absorb energy and produce efficacy.

5. Add vacuum shaping technology, organically combine with radio frequency, and cooperate with professional operation methods to make the 

RF signals release energy and it go through epidermis and dermis and SMAS and fat layer, produce heat from inner of body. When the temperature rise of 3℃~12℃, the collagen fiber contract and produce more collagen. As the collagen in dermis generating and recombination, the dermis goes thicker and denser, the skin is lifted up and firmed, the wrinkle and scar disappear; skin comes to be bright, smooth and elastic.

RF dissolves fat: Bipolar water molecules spin and the friction will produce heat to heat the subcutaneous fat. When the temperature rises up to 40-60, the oxygen flux gets more, blood and lymph circulation and metabolize gets improved. It can also soften and eliminate cellular tissue, reduce the fluid and toxin in fiber, then get them out of the body through lymph system, and finally get slim.

The vacuum pole can do malaxation massage on different depth as dermis, vasculosa layer, fat layer and nervous system layer, then improve the fluid flux among the cells, enhance cells activation, promote blood and lymph circulation, speed up metabolizm.

The malaxation of vacuum promote the action of skin and muscle, and then help to eliminate cellular tissue, improve the elasticity of skin, change the fat into aliphatic acid and glycerine, then get rid of them through lymph system. Also, the movement of the vacuum pressure can stimulate the nervus sympatheticus, ameliorate the sensitive skin.

The numerical control rhythmic mode of Dream Action Plus is different from the single negative air pressure mode. It is clinically proven that different rhythmic mode on different part is more effective and efficient.

Functions & Effects

(1)Ameliorate Cellulite


(3)Firm up, recover stretch marks

(4)Body shaping

(5)Promote stomach to wriggle, improve constipation condition efficiently 

(6)Pain relief, muscles relaxation

(7)Improve microcirculation,eliminate edema

(8)Make skin bright, smooth

(9)Enhance skin elasticity

(10)Anti-wrinkle, double chin, anti-aging


1Safe and no pain or feeling of hot
2Can be used on any part of body where fat accumulates

3High-tech product, safe and easy to operating

4Maintain good effect for long time after the treatment.

5Intellective touch screen and pre-set treatment Parameters

6、Accurately control the energy for different treatment.

7、Ultrasound works only on the Low density fat tissue, and protect the high density tissue.

  8 The numerical control rhythmic mode is different from the single negative air pressure mode. It is clinically proven that different rhythmic mode on different part is more effective and efficient.



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