Ultrasonic Beauty Instrument Overview

The human ear can hear sound frequencies for 20~20,000Hz. When sound waves frequencies greater than 20000Hz and less than 20Hz, we hear. Therefore, we 20000Hz higher than the frequency of sound waves is called "supersonic".
Lower the ultrasonic frequency, penetrating the stronger. Ultrasonic frequencies for 1-3MHz for the beauty industry.
Ultrasound has good direction, strong penetrability, easier to get more focused sound, transmission distance and so on. Being applied to an increasing number of industries.
Ultrasonic beauty instrument technology since its 80 introduced at its beauty. With its wide range of treatment, quick, high cure rates, easy to operate and gain popularity and promotion, many beauty instrument has become the most practical, the most popular equipment. With the progress of science and technology, a new generation of professional ultrasonic beauty instrument turned out, with its superior quality, powerful features, luxury design swept in the beauty industry.