RF Vagina Care Machine

RF Vagina Care Machine
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  original manufacturer 40.68MHZ unipolar RF vagina care machine

 1. Technology theory :the vegania system uses patented 40.68MHZ unipolar radio frequency (RF) technology to tighten the vaginal opening tissue. Unipolar radio frequency, compared with laser, stimulates vaginal tissue with higher radio frequency, and effectively uses circular rotation technology to act on vaginal mucosa and muscle layer to stimulate regeneration and reorganization of activated collagen. RF effectively acts on dermal fibrous layer to truly make fibrous layer To achieve the thermal effect, with the support of refrigeration technology, the energy can comfortably reach the deep fiber layer and protect the vaginal mucosa.

2. The energy of the functional head reaches the fascia layer to thermally solidify the fascia layer,

Produce tension and enhance the effect of fascia layer suspension and skin lift, allowing the muscles to improve the muscle structure supporting the mucosa from deep to superficial, and better help the muscle layer to restore elasticity and tightening-allowing the vagina to tighten quickly, at the same time Heat can stimulate the regeneration and reorganization of collagen, activate cells, stimulate the regeneration of a large amount of collagen, and thicken the vaginal wall so that the vagina can regain a girlish firmness.

3. effective result: It can check the vaginal environment and discover various gynecological inflammations in time. At the same time, its vibration function can stimulate the vaginal self-repair system, increase secretion, eliminate dryness, rebuild vaginal microcirculation, and enhance vaginal lubricity; activate cells: (vaginal There are a large number of glands on the inner wall. When external stimuli are sensed, a large amount of mucus secretions can be secreted to make the vagina moist and smooth).


The importance of women's vagina maintenance:

  A. Medical perspective

The tightness and health of the private parts are an important factor that affects the quality of female sexual life. Establish a long-term healthy sex life pattern to help women tighten the private parts, restore moisture and improve gynecological inflammation.

B. Emotional perspective

Whether the sex life is harmonious is an important measure of the quality of marriage, and it is also a magic weapon to cultivate the tacit understanding between husband and wife and maintain the relationship.

C. Family perspective

The survey shows that more than 90% of men believe that the tightness of women’s private parts affects the quality of their sexual life, and that tight and moist private parts can increase the experience of married life.



     Safe and painless, comfortable, warm and warm palace; non-invasive and painless, no recovery period, no abstinence period, no sluggish work period; the only non-invasive technology in the world that promises only one care and makes private, firm and lubricating; deep heating, 30 Minute care, the effect is remarkable; safe and non-infectious, unique sterile disposable care probe.


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