Thermolift RF Machine

Thermolift RF Machine
Product Details


focused RF and water recycling cooling or vacuum

radio frequency:40.68MHZ

unipolar RF power:300W

bipolar RF power:300W

dual-layer thermotherapy

unipolar focused RF thermotherapy from SMAS to epidermis

bipolar focused RF thermotherapy from epidermis to meris

anti-aging face & body

lifting & tightening skin

wrinkles removal

improve skin color

1. 40.68MHZ radio frequency,it helps to improve wrinkles,skin elasticity and appearance of lines and to form collagen.thermolift thermal energy at 45-55 degree Celsius is delivered into SMAS layer(3MM-4.5MM) epidermis and dermis in the face skin and it contracts skin muscle layer.Moreover,this thermolift energy enables to do obesity treatment by melting fat layer which is between 10mm-20mm depth in the body skin;

2.vacuum: The vacuum pole can do malaxation massage on different depth as dermis, vasculosa layer, fat layer and nervous system layer, then improve the fluid flux among the cells, enhance cells activation, promote blood and lymph circulation, speed up metabolizm.

The malaxation of vacuum promote the action of skin and muscle, and then help to eliminate cellular tissue, improve the elasticity of skin, change the fat into aliphatic acid and glycerine, then get rid of them through lymph system. Also, the movement of the vacuum pressure can stimulate the nervus sympatheticus, ameliorate the sensitive skin. handle with 5pcs different tips for different skin area.