Ultrasound Cavitation Body Fat Machine

Ultrasound Cavitation Body Fat Machine
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factory medical ultrasound cavitation body fat machine

Technology theory  for this machine: 40KHZ ultrasound and vacuum and bipolar radio frequency and 905soft laser and mechanical roller.

1. Strong ultrasound wave fat slimming slimming principl:
The strong acoustic wave slimming technology transmits the strong acoustic energy of the human body without damage frequency and power to different parts of the adipose tissue through the contact coupling method, and utilizes the hole principle of strong acoustic waves to generate cavitation for the bad ill fat tissue. The energy causes the fat cells to rupture. The ruptured fat cells are eliminated from the body through the circulation of the body fluid, and the number of fat cells is reduced to achieve the purpose of slimming and slimming.
2. vacuum physical effect:
(1) Epidermis: Improves the fluid state of the intercellular space, enhances fluidity, increases cell movement, and activates cells.
(2) vascular layer: improve the skin's blood circulation system, not only improve the capillary system, but also improve deep veins and lymph
The flow between the networks removes excess toxins from the body.
(3) Tissue layer: increase skin and muscle tissue activity, soften and break down fat, improve skin oxygen supply capacity, stimulate collagen production, increase skin elasticity and resist tissue fibrosis.
(4) Nervous system layer: Negative pressure movement can stimulate the epidermis and deep sympathetic nervous system and improve skin sensitivity. Stimulates the surface and deep layers of the sympathetic nervous system.

the effective result about radio frequency:
  The human body is a current conductor that causes physiological effects on the skin when it passes through the body. (including thermal and non-thermal effects)

Thermal effect: due to the movement of particles in human tissue caused by bio-wave current, the thermal effect is directly generated inside the tissue, 1. Accelerate blood circulation, increase oxygen supply, and improve the texture of the whole layer of skin;
2, the thermal effect produces thermal stimulation, causing the dermal collagen fiber to contract, stimulate the collagen to regenerate, reorganize, strengthen the connective tissue regeneration ability, instantly tighten the skin
3, directly against the cellulite, decomposition of fat cell contents (decomposed into free fatty acids and glycerol), dissolve fat, reduce fat volume, accelerate lymphatic circulation, and promote human metabolism;
Non-thermal effect: When the intensity of the thermal effect change is small enough to cause an increase in body temperature, the high-frequency current can still cause the particles in the tissue to vibrate, and it is also possible to change the tissue change, that is, the electromagnetic oscillation effect, and the non-thermal.