Ultrasound Slimming Body Equipment

Ultrasound Slimming Body Equipment
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Q0 slimming machine

ultrasound slimming body equipment

techologies:32khz ultrasound,and vacuum,1MHZ bipolar RF,and soft laser,and mechanical roller

 A.Working Principle

Ultrasound & NC vacuum & tipolar RF & 905soft laser & mechanical roller technologies combined


1.body shaping&body contouring

2.lymphatic drainage&weight loss

3.body massage and body slimming

4.shape face

1.body and thigh and buttock and abdomen and leg contouring & shaping & slimming;
2.physical therapy
3.promoting and accelerating body's metabolism;
4.achieve body circumference reduction;
5.promote wound healing\ease pain\diminish inflammation;
6.massage,dissipate cold and dispel dampness

2.material:metal & AL with coating,Germany original hose;

3.Net Weight:54kgs;
4.working voltage : AC220V+10%/-20%;
5.working frequency: 50-60Hz;
6.MAX powder: 200VA ;

small handle with soft laser and vacuum and RF

Burst fat handle with 32KHZ ultrasound and NC vacuum and bipolar RF

this mechanical roller handle with NC vacuum and RF and 32KHZ ultrasound