Vacuum Physical Therapy Machine

Vacuum Physical Therapy Machine
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physical therapy machine

product name: Dream Action Plus
vacuum therapy machine
A.Working Principle

NC vacuum & bipolar RF & 905soft laser technologies combined;
1.removing bags under eyes;
2.removing black circles around eyes;
3.body contouring & shaping & slimming,eliminate toxin in body;
4.physical therapy;
5.promoting and accelerating body's metabolism;
6.achieve body circumference reduction;
7.remove wrinkles,lifting & tightening skin;
8.clear heat and dispel dampness;
9.therapy face;
C.Technical Specifications
1.3pcs handles;
2.material:metal & AL with coating,Germany original hose;
3.Net Weight:16kgs;
4.working voltage : AC220V+10%/-20%;
5.working frequency: 50-60Hz;
6.MAX powder: 200VA ;